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Alaska Through the Eyes of an Artist
Alaska Through the Eyes of an Artist
“Alaska Through the Eyes of an Artist” is a hardback edition.

This is a marvelous collection of past and current watercolor paintings by this famous Alaskan artist. The book offers a unique look into Munoz's early artistic styles and techniques. Personal stories by Rie and memorabilia never shown before give readers fascinating insights into Rie's life of adventure.

The new book features all Munoz’s published images from November of 1999 to August 3rd, 2005. With the “Portrait of Alaska”, “Rie Munoz at the Frye Art Museum,” and “Alaska Through the Eyes of an Artist” you will have reference to all 454 images, (that number excludes posters) that Rie has published in the last 36 years.

This book is a must for all collectors of Munoz’s art.
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