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January 2008

Eagles at Unalaska


Rie Muñoz plans to release six lithographs next year. There will be releases of two lithographs each on May 1, August 1 and November 1. In the meantime, Rie has many products that you may be interested in. Not only does Muñoz have over 40 available lithographs images, but we also have a large array of older artist proofs. Give us a call and we’ll see if we can help you find that special Muñoz print for you.

The recent addition of “Bear in Town” to our poster line has been very popular. The poster “Iditarod Racer” is sold out and will not be re-printed at this time.


After 45 years of living in the historic Starr Hill neighborhood in downtown Juneau, Rie has moved closer to sea level. Muñoz purchased a condo downtown last month, within walking distance of stores and the post office. Many friends live in the same complex as well as other long time Juneauites. Starr Hill is snowy, slippery and a bit hazardous five months out of the year and Rie’s car is often buried in snow for a couple of those. She now has covered parking, and for the first time I can remember, a bed and a dining table. “I just love it here” exclaimed Rie.


Original ArtworkRie Muñoz had a super original art exhibition up in Anchorage with the artist’s reception on December 1. Several hundred people came to see Rie and her 45 originals and three tapestries.

There was a long line for Rie’s new book, “The King Island Journal,” a photographic and letter journal of Rie’s time on a remote Eskimo island during 1951-52. The island is now uninhabited and many of the descendants live on the mainland in Nome, Alaska. This book has received much acclaim in Alaska and elsewhere. We contacted the King Island Community and offered a book for every King Island family. 350 copies will be distributed at their next meeting this month.


Like a snowbird flying south for the winter, Rie is making her annual migration to warmer climes. During January and February Muñoz will rent her small house overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Morro Rock. From this base camp she’ll take walks along the waterfront, visit her brother and nephew, sketch and paint. Rie will also rent a car for part of the time and take excursions around the area. Without all the distractions of book signings, moving into her new digs, and Christmas festivities, she’ll have more time to paint, which she looks forward to.


Rie Muñoz Ltd. will be closed for the month of February 2008 while we take a ‘winter break,’ but never fear, as we will reopen for business in March.

Thank you for your interest in the artwork of Rie Muñoz!


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