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  The latest Rie Munoz tapestry "Noah" (plate #155, Rie Munoz, Portrait of Alaska) has just come off the loom and arrived in our office from France last week. 
    The tapestry is about 40" wide and 50" tall and was commissioned by a couple in Olympia, Washington.  this magnificent tapestry will be on display at "Eastside Gala~Rie" in Olympia for the next couple of months. 
    Call 360-943-3354 for more information. 


        Rie In Tenakee


It has been a long time since Rie has traveled to Tenakee in the middle of winter.  She usually favors the summer time, around her August birthday to have fun, relax and do some sketching.  This time However, Rie spent New Years there and has stayed through January 12th.  The temperature was between 10 and 20 degrees with 6 inches of snow on the ground.

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