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February 2011

Morro Bay
Relaxing in Morro Bay


Rie is back in Morro Bay, CA for a few months to get out of Juneau for the worst part of the winter. She left in the middle of a cold spell (0 degrees with 80 mph winds) and didn't look back. With a stop in Seattle Rie saw the Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. We hope you all did as well, what an amazing exhibition! The pieces are from Picasso's personal collection on loan from the Museum of Paris. It showed the evolution of Picasso's style, the different mediums he employed great black and white photos of him and his family, his blue period and sketches.

The fact that he kept a collection of this body of work is tremendous. It is in this spirit that we have maintained a major body of work by Rie Munoz at her gallery. Having this large collection of Munoz original watercolors (over 120), tapestries, stained glass work and well as her older published silkscreens and lithographs in Juneau keeps the artwork in the public's eye and mind.

Gallery Floor


If any of you are planning a trip to Alaska via cruise ship or Alaskan Marine Hwy, I suggest you view this stunning collection of Rie's work. There are two galleries in Juneau carrying Munoz's work. The Rie Munoz gallery 'in the valley' is the 3500 sq. facility with the permanent collection of originals and memorabilia. With a 17' high ceiling covered head-to-toe with Munoz's colorful artwork, it is truly impressive to anybody, let alone a Rie Munoz fan. If not offered, be sure to ask for a tour in the back room and upstairs where the originals are hung.

Gallery View

The Rie Munoz Gallery is a 10 minute walk from the airport or a $25 cab ride from downtown Juneau where the cruise ship ties up. There is also an express bus that leaves downtown every half hour and stops across the street at the Nugget Mall. Be sure to catch the express bus or you will see every neighborhood and dog house in Juneau instead of 20-30 minutes.

Our hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 5:30pm Alaska time during the summer. We appreciate your continued interest in the art of Rie Munoz.

Thank you for your interest in the artwork of Rie Muñoz!


2101 N. Jordan Ave.
Juneau, Ak 99801
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