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Haines, AK

Crumby Weather

The last week of April, Rie Munoz and five friends took the Alaska Marine Highway (The Ferry) up to Haines, AK. They spent four days attending the "Haines Actfest", part of a national program featuring plays from amateur theatrical groups around Alaska.

Fun was had by all; lots of good food, rest and lousy weather.


The following is a tentative release schedule for Rie Munoz art in 1999:

May 4
Print release

September 4
- "Rie Munoz at the Frye Art Museum"


July 29
FRYE Exhibition releases:
Poster - "Concert in the Park"
Print release

October 28
Print release

October 29
Washington Art Tour


Original Watercolor Exhibition at the Frye Art Museum

Rie Munoz will tour 7 galleries before the Frye opening. During these shows the galleries will be showing the latest reproductions, silk-screens and older works by Munoz. Rie will be signing books and posters and chatting with customers. She will not be signing at the Frye opening.

The galleries, towns and dates are as follows:

  • Wednesday, October 27 Bergsma Showroom Port Angeles
  • Friday, October 29 Darvill's Rare Print Shop Eastsound Orcas Island
  • Saturday October 30 The Scott Collection LaConner
  • Sunday October 31 (Halloween) Art Concepts Tacoma
  • Monday November 1 Eastside Gala-Rie Olympia
  • Wednesday November 3 Frame It Northwest Seattle
  • Thursday November 4 Kenneth Behm Galleries Bellevue
  • Friday November 5 Original Exhibition Frye Art Museum Seattle
    Opening Night - Originals available for purchase.
    Frye members & by invitation: 6:00 - 8:00 P.M.
  • Saturday November 6, 1999 - Sunday January 2, 2000
    Original Exhibition Frye Art Museum Seattle
    Open to the public.


The latest Rie Munoz tapestry has just come off the loom in Aubusson, France. "Loading Crab Pots" measures 57" x 40" and retails for $11,000. It is currently hanging in the Rie Munoz Gallery. We will be bringing this tapestry on the Washington Art Tour. Two other tapestries are in production for clients, and will be completed soon.




Juneau has had its fifth snowiest winter on record. For us, that means lots of snow. With the 6 foot high snow berms, our parking lot at Rie Munoz, Ltd. is getting smaller by the day. Not to worry, the mail will still go through.


2101 N. Jordan Ave.
Juneau, Ak 99801
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