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APRIL 2010

Rie is still painting
Rie Muñoz
Rie is still painting, just not publishing

After releasing almost 600 prints, posters, silkscreens, cards and books, Rie Muñoz has decided to retire from publishing her art. Rie continues to pursue her love of painting and is currently doing just that, in Morro Bay, CA. She will join us back here in Juneau in a couple months. Once again, Rie is still painting but future works will not be released as print editions.

When Rie first exhibited in Alaska her original watercolors sold for around $35, a reasonable price even in the 60’s. If asked the current value of one of those paintings, Rie will cheerfully reply, “I’ll give you $36 for it right now!”

Early Muñoz shows sold out quickly. As her popularity grew, a lot of people wanted to own a piece of her art but were unable to find it. That’s when Rie started publishing her work. Muñoz first worked with linocuts and stencils and then with silkscreens. The first release of “Pushing Home Through Baby Ice” was in 1969, with an edition of 20.

Rie’s first three lithographs were “Eskimo Story Teller” 1973, “King Island” 1974 and “Scary Sea”1974. Thinking the public would not like “Scary Sea” she destroyed half of the 500 edition! Rie has always self-published with the exception of a few releases by Mill Pond Press. Rie enjoyed the freedom to print what she wanted, when, how, and so on. With her popularity rising in Alaska and the Pacific NW, Muñoz was always given a boost by the positive energy and response she met during the art shows in Washington, Oregon and Alaska. “I really feel inspired to get back to Juneau and paint,” she would say after an opening.


Rie’s last release, “Lena Cove” and “Memorial at Sea” sold well and a small quantity remains. Remember, Rie is still painting, just not publishing.

P.S. Rie Muñoz Ltd. will be closed from April 5 through April 15 for staff vacation.


Seafood BrochureRie Muñoz is working with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) and has produced a marvelous brochure entitled, “Alaska Seafood Sustainability in Plain English.” This 26 page 5 ¼” x 7 ½” full color brochure features no fewer than 14 Muñoz images relating to seafood marketing in Alaska. This brochure will be distributed at worldwide trade shows.

ASMI plans to translate the brochure to Chinese, Japanese and French next year. They are also making a trade show booth featuring Muñoz’s colorful images, a DVD and other marketing tools. If you would like one or more of these Alaska Seafood Sustainability in Plain English brochures for your special clients, please contact ASMI’s U.S. Marketing Office in Seattle, 1-800-806-2497.


Thank you for your interest in the artwork of Rie Muñoz!


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