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We recently posted both of Rie Munoz's 30 minute DVDs on YouTube. Rie Munoz has posted three, 10 minute segments of Rie Munoz, Original Watercolor Exhibition at the Alaska State Museum 2006 and three, 10 minute segments of Alaska by Rie Munoz which features over 100 of Munoz's paintings, most of which have not been published. These two 30 minute DVDs are also on sale at $12 each. Check them out!


Rie took her annual trip to Morro Bay to get away from the most challenging months of Alaska winter. Gone most of January, February and March, she rented a house nearby her older brother Piet's home.

Rie Munoz Gallery In the past Rie would use her time in Morro Bay to paint and would return home with her portfolio bulging with original works of art. It was always exciting to see what she had created. Some of the pieces were from Alaska sketches and some from scenes she saw there. Now Rie takes daily walks which are all but impossible in Juneau with the ice and snow. She also visits family and friends, reads her New Yorker and Time magazines, watches Seinfeld and enjoys the bakery and beach, both a few blocks away. Rie is also working on her memoirs, hand writing them as the mood strikes.

Other times she may go with friends to a nearby town. Once Rie and friend John stopped by the famous California landmark, the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. They saw a big crowd outside the opulent and lavish hotel and decided to see what all the fuss was about. As they entered the main hall they noticed a long line which they stood in, not wanting to appear out of place. Eventually Rie asked the person in front of them what was going on. He replied dryly that this was a receiving line for a wedding. Rie and John stayed in line, met the bride and groom who didn't seem to think anything was wrong or at least pretended so. Afterwards they sat down and enjoyed a marvelous lunch and went home. I guess this sort of thing happens when an artist quits painting.

Rie Munoz Gallery

Matthew, my five year old son, and I went to Morro Bay and picked up Rie around the end of March and we traveled back to Juneau together. Rie said "It's always great to get out of town and great to get back."


Rie Munoz Gallery

If you, or your friends are planning a trip up the Inside Passage this summer, please contact us and let us know when. We are open 5 days a week, Tuesday through Saturday but if your visit is on a Sunday or Monday we will open by appointment. Our gallery is truly a great tribute to Rie Munoz. We have tapestries, stained glass and memorabilia Upon request we will give you a tour of the facility which has over 150 watercolor paintings by Rie Munoz dating back to the 1950's. We would also be happy to share insights on other must-sees in the Capital City.


Community College Fire

While "mucking out" last week Rie found an old photo of a casein watercolor painting she did, circa 1965. Entitled, "Community College Fire" this was a large piece about 24" x 36" and shows the last moments of our downtown Juneau community college.


Matthew with Parnell

It has nothing to do with art but I am adding a photo of Matthew with Alaska Governor Sean Parnell. Matthew was lobbying for more playground equipment for schools.

Thank you for your interest in the artwork of Rie Muñoz!


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