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May 2001

Hi Ho Arizona!

Rie Munoz in Arizona

On Valentine�s Day Rie Muñoz met her family, Juan, Cathy, and Mercedes in Seattle on the way to Arizona for a 5-day trip in the Saguaro National Desert. The trip was to the Tanque Verde Ranch outside of Tucson. The ranch has 130 horses and offers guests a variety of desert trail rides.

Muñoz loves horses and rode them everyday of the trip there. She preferred the �walking rides� to the �loping rides� (galloping). The rides would be with 6 - 8 other guests and a guide. We took lovely horseback rides into the Saguaro Desert, riding next to huge cacti, seeing javelins, deer, birds, and the desert flowers blooming. One morning we rode an hour into the desert to a scenic spot for breakfast. A chuck wagon was waiting with a full course breakfast.

Juan and Cathy took the horse by the reins and enrolled in the loping lessons, graduating to the loping rides. These rides would start off innocently enough by walk-riding to an open part of the desert or a river bed. The guide would ask if everybody was ready to lope, then whoopee, off we went, hell bent for who knows where. It was like being in a western movie.

All boys and girls, the latter outnumbering the boys 5 - 1 were enrolled in a children�s program. Kids rode horses, played tennis, swam, and did arts and crafts. They also got to eat their meals together. It was fun for all.

Rie Muñoz had not been to the desert in over 20 years and sketched a little while there. Her heart is in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest and she was happy to get back up to the rain.


New Release

Featuring Muñoz�s latest print release. Entitled "Big Toy," "Tar Paper Shack" and "Eskimo Mother and Child," these reproductions will be released in a 750 edition on Tuesday, May 1 at 9:00 am Alaska time. There are many different Rie Muñoz prints available at our gallery. We have lots of her current work as well as some old Muñoz artist proofs, silkscreens, and originals.

Give us a call and inquire
if you have a particular Rie Muñoz print you�re looking for,
or e-mail us.


Old King Island Photos

Baseball Season on King Island was during the Winter when smooth ice prevailed.

One of Rie Muñoz�s King Island students stopped by our gallery and asked to see the large collection of King Island photos Juan Muñoz Sr. had taken when he and Rie were teaching in 1951. Wilfred Anowlic of Nome, Alaska spent three days going through the archives. He wanted to better understand his heritage. While going through hundreds of old photos I decided to pull a few for inclusion in this update.

Rie fleshing a seal skin hide

Rie Teaching the King Island
students grades 1-3

These men and dogs just returned from a seal hunt on the pack ice. The dog drags the carcass back for the men. One of the men is eating snow and ice while resting.



The tentative release schedule for 2001 and the beginning of 2002 is as follows:

February 13, 2001
2 prints

May 1, 2001
3 prints

August 1, 2001
3 prints

November 1, 2001
3 prints

January 4, 2002
1 silkscreen

Thank you for your interest in Rie Muñoz!

Juan Muñoz

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