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Rie and Piet
Rie with her brother Piet in Morro Bay

T-Rex Rie Munoz just returned last month from spending three months in Morro Bay, California. She stayed with her younger brother Piet who is only 90. The two of them had a grand time. Rie's nephew Pete was nearby to help if need be. Juan and Matthew picked up Rie and drove to Palm Springs for a week of sun before heading back home to Juneau around the end of March. While on the road trip we were surprised by a T-Rex!

Back in Juneau, Rie is settling in to her routine. Staying out at the cabin next to our house, she joins me when I drop Matthew off at school. We usually go to Donna's restaurant for pancake and bacon breakfast and a few laughs. Afterwards we go to the gallery. There are always interesting things to see there and Rie looks through her collection of paintings and the memorabilia and come up with stories to include in her memoirs.

The watercolors will remind her of places and events she has forgotten. I told her not to be concerned that her memory is fading since it is 'the second thing to go.' "What's the first?" she asked. "I forgot", replying with a grin.

Rie at Lena Cove We then head to her condo downtown Juneau where she spends the day. I'll pick her up in the afternoon around 4 or 5, after her favorite TV show, 'Judge Judy.' We have dinner together and then she goes to next door cabin for the night. The cabin is very cozy with a great view of Lena Cove and an eagle's nest nearby. You can look at her last published lithograph, 'Lena Cove' to see the view from her window. We're all going to Tenakee for a couple of weeks in June.


Mercedes Graduates How the time does fly. This May, Mercedes Munoz graduated from Montana State University with honors! She received a bachelor's degree in fine arts with an emphasis in ceramics. For her thesis she applied her beautiful detailed drawings on pottery which was spectacular! Mercedes will move back to Juneau and make her home here. There are a number of opportunities that await Mercedes and all of them are good. Cathy and I are very proud. Congratulations Mercedes! Mercedes and her mom took a three week trip to Spain after her graduation.

Mercedes & family at her art show
in Montana
Introducing Billy Sarandria, Mercedes' boyfriend from Naknek, AK!

Munoz Family
Rie and her brothers Piet and Fritz, 1928

Thank you for your interest in the artwork of Rie Muñoz!


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