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JUNE 2003


Rie Munoz's three prints released on May 1 sold well with "Nikita" selling out the first week. "The Good Book" and "Chic Brand Salmon" are still available. The next release will be August 1 with 2 limited edition reproductions and 1 silkscreen..

Hombres - Albuquerque


Rie Munoz will be the 2003 featured artist at the Western Washington's Puyallup Fair. The fair runs September 5-21 and Munoz will be present September 5, 6,and 7 during morning and afternoon hours. Rie will be present the 5th, 6th and 7th from 11am to 1pm and from 4pm to 7pm.

The Rie Munoz exhibition will be housed on the 2nd floor of the Western Washington Association Pavilion Building. Munoz will have over two dozen of her recently painted original watercolor paintings for sale along with tapestries, books and other art. A booth with all of Rie Munoz's work will be in the main section and will be open throughout the 17 day fair.

Rie Munoz will have over 3 dozen original watercolor paintings for sale at the 2003 Puyallup Fair. If you are interested in acquiring a Munoz painting, be there on opening day, Friday, September 5 at 10am. It will be first come, first serve. We expect the majority of the paintings to be sold in the first couple of days, or the first couple of hours.

If you would like a painting but cannot make the exhibition opening, Rie Munoz Ltd will purchase a painting on your behalf after the first day of the show. Paintings will remain on exhibit until the Fair ends on September 21. Your original may be picked up on that day, the following week at Art Concepts Gallery in Tacoma, or can be shipped to you.

See you at the Puyallup!


Rie Munoz and family have been in Tenakee Springs, Alaska for the last 2 ½ months while Mercedes attends the last trimester of fifth grade. The school has only 12 kids so the social pressures of adolescence are minimal.

Rie Munoz has been painting away. There was a herring roe fishery in Tenakee Inlet with herring flopping on the beaches and miles of white herring spawn could be seen from the air. Rie went aboard one of the fishing boats and got to sketch this unusual industry first hand as they salted roe laden kelp for the Japanese market.

Munoz went out with one of the local Tenakee boats when they were harvesting large Tenakee prawns. These shrimp or 'spot prawns' are the largest in Southeast Alaska and resemble miniature lobsters. They pulled up 16 pots and harvested 10 gallons of tails! Other pastimes include cracking Dungeness crab, spring gardening, morning baths and breakfast at the local bakery.

While most people have become accustomed to the different color terrorism alerts, the Tenakee residents have elevated their brown bear alert to red. The spring time is when the big brown bears come out of their winter hibernation and wander down to the water's edge to dig up roots and eat goodies from the beach. There have been daily sightings of different bruins downtown. Generally the furry residents of Chichagof Island and the Tenakee residents live together well.


The art of Rie Munoz has appeared on a number of publications recently. The United Way Community Partnership used the image "Off to Kindergarten" for the cover of their "Success by 6" program. Over 6000 copies were printed in both English and Spanish and distributed to the Anchorage School district. The Southeast Alaska Phone Directory used "Peaceable Alaska" for its cover. Last fall they used "Whales in the Inlet." Country Pleasures magazine used the "Laundry Tenakee" for their March 2003 cover. The magazine's focus is antiques and country lifestyles. This is the fourth time they have used Munoz's image for the cover.


August 1

  • 2 Limited Edition Prints
  • 1 Silkscreen

Thank you for your interest in the artwork of Rie Muñoz!


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