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June 2007


Clothes-Pin Art ShowAfter 38 years of publishing prints and over 500 editions later, Rie Munoz has decided to slow her rigorous release schedule. Rie is continuing to paint and has done some fun ones recently. However at 85 she will be getting old soon. In the spirit of enjoying painting more as well as life in general, Rie will no longer be coming out with 12 lithographs a year.

The next release will feature two new lithographs by Rie. Entitled “Sunday Morning” and “Cayucos Pier”, these two fantastic prints will be released on Rie’s 86th birthday, August 17.

There are still super treats in store for 2007, including a silkscreen to be released at the end of September and an amazing book on November 1, entitled “The King Island Journal.” There may also be a show poster for an upcoming original exhibition in Anchorage this Christmas. Rie Munoz will have other super images to share in the future in the form of prints or silk-screens but there is no release schedule at this time. Look to 2008.


Last Summer, Juneau artist Rie Munoz spent a pile of money to travel up to Unalaska and sketch the fishing activities in Dutch Harbor. The next time she travels she won’t have to worry about the cost of a ticket. Munoz was awarded the Rasmuson Foundation most prestigious award, the Distinguished Artist Award last week during a ceremony at the Baranof Hotel in Juneau. For the honor she received a $25,000 check. “I couldn’t believe it,” Munoz said. “When they called me up I was taking a nap and I thought somebody was trying to sell me something. When they said, ‘you have won an award,’ then I knew they were trying to sell me something. The Distinguished Artist Award is for a mature artist with a history of creative excellence and accomplishments in the arts. The award provides artists the resources to concentrate and reflect on their work, to immerse themselves in a creative endeavor, and to experiment, explore, and develop their artistry more fully. Munoz is required to spend the entire $25,000 in one year.


Rie Munoz will be having a original watercolor exhibition at the Anchorage Museum of Art this winter. The show opens around the last week in November and will run about month. Munoz watercolors will be displayed on a 130’ running exhibition wall. Some of these paintings will be for sale. Stay tuned for more details on this show.


August 17 , 2007

  • 2 Limited Edition Prints

September 26 , 2007

  • Silk Screen

November 1 , 2007

  • King Island Journal

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