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July 2001

Mercedes "skippering" a skiff!


Collectors sometimes ask what the a.p. means when it appears before an edition number. I've included this explanation for your information .


Most all limited edition reproductions have a regular edition and artist proofs. 'Artist law' dictates that the artist proofs total no more than 10% of the regular edition. If an edition is 750, then there may be up to 75 artist proofs. An artist can also call these publisher proofs (p.p.), color proofs (c.p.), or trial proofs (t.p.). In France, proofs are called edition d' artist (e.a.). However named, the total of all these extra proofs cannot be over 10% of the regular edition.

Small Churches

A recently published book has a popular Rie Munoz image as cover art. Wonderful Worship in Smaller Churches, by David R. Ray, published by Pilgrim Press, has Muñoz's image of "Anglican Church Telegraph Creek" on the cover.


Rie Muñoz has painted Tenakee many times in her career. We ha've included a list of the published Tenakee images. (See facing page.) Muñoz first visited Tenakee during Thanksgiving of 1963 with her son Juan and friends. Rie acquired a small lot there in 1972 and instructed me to build a cabin. At 17, I didn't have much experience so she directed me to the section of the public library under 'construction' and had me study foundations.

Rie wanted a small Pan Abode cedar cabin but when the company suggested a large two bedroom house with cedar garage, she opted for just the garage. Rie substituted the garage door with Dutch doors and added more windows. She hired a fishing boat to bring the 'cabin' to Tenakee and it arrived during the 4th of July festivities. We were hauling lumber in between egg tosses and three legged races. I spent the summer of 1973 building the cabin and it still stands thanks to a new foundation put in last summer along with a second floor. The remodeling included such luxuries as a bathroom to replace the 28-year-old outhouse, and a bedroom.

There's an artist's studio upstairs and Rie has already done a few paintings there. She is looking forward to spending more time in Tenakee.



Published Tenakee Images

Rie Muñoz's Published Tenakee Images
(see the "Rie Muñoz, Portrait of Alaska" book)

  • Ladies in the Bath plate # 41
  • Spring Flowers #236
  • Spring #72
  • Tenakee Cabin #243
  • Tenakee Springs #83
  • Hauling Water, Tenakee #245
  • Tenakee Springs #84
  • Coming into Tenakee Inlet #246
  • Inaugural Voyage #90
  • Shamrock , Tenakee #264
  • Ladies in the Bath #105
  • Blue Moon Café #265
  • Butchering Crabs, Tenakee #106
  • Fall Colors #266
  • Summer Voyage #120

Juan and the evening meal!

Dog Detour

  • Off to the Bath, Tenakee #279
  • Crab Butchering Party #130
  • Spring Migration #292
  • Signs of Spring #149
  • Swing, Tenakee #293
  • Tenakee Brand Salmon #193
  • Winter Cabin, Tenakee #297
  • Waiting for the Ferry, Tenakee #195
  • Shrimp Fisherman #307
  • Blueberries #211
  • Scarecrow #325
  • Grey Poupon #215
  • Tenakee Medivac #324
  • Raspberry Patch #219
  • Tenakee Wedding #328
  • Jessie's Flower's #224
  • Tenakee Laundry #333
  • First Snow, Tenakee #232
  • Laundry, Tenakee #349
  • Abandoned Cabin, Tenakee #235
  • Ferry Arriving in Tenakee #354

Published Tenakee images
(see the "Rie Muñoz at the Frye Art Museum" book)

  • Sixteen Degrees and Blowing # 77
  • Singing in the Bath #53
  • Whales in the Inlet #58
  • Sidewalk Café, Tenakee #59
  • Daisies ( Frye book insert)

Rie Muñoz Tattoo


Rie Munoz's niece Marie, and her husband Dave Kirby of California visited the family last summer and had fun fishing and whale watching. Dave is a big fan of Rie's art, particularly her ravens. He chose his favorite and got a prominent (and permanent) tattoo on his left arm. Dave, we are as honored as you are, what a fan!


The tentative release schedule for 2001 and the beginning of 2002 is as follows:

August 1, 2001
3 prints

November 1, 2001
3 prints

January 4, 2002
1 silkscreen

Thank you for your interest in Rie Muñoz!

Juan Muñoz

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