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July 2006

Winter Gallery
Munoz Sketch


New limited edition lithographs by Rie Muñoz will be released in August. The featured lithographs are “Fuel Dock,” “Ella D.” and “Commercial King Crabbers.” These three fun summer prints will be available on Wednesday, August 10, 2006.


One of the fun parts of being an artist, I’m told, is the sketching trips one takes to gather the raw material for one’s next painting. Muñoz brings her sketchbook everywhere — remember “Public Shower on the Ferry” and “Steam Bath Aniak?” She brings her sketchbook on her travels and sketches people in airports, restaurants, and on the street.

Next week Muñoz will head off to the Aleutian Islands to Dutch Harbor, the nation’s second busiest fishing port. Rie and longtime friend Ruth Pederson will be staying on this remote island for a month. They will house-sit and enjoy the sights. Rie will sketch and paint and Ruth is thinking about getting a job!


That got your attention — mine too. The big news that we’d finally like to share with you is that Cathy Muñoz, Rie’s daughter-in-law, is pregnant! The baby is due on August 17, Rie’s 85th birthday. We have taken a peek with ultrasound, and it’s a boy. Both mother and child are healthy and we will be having a home birth just as we did with Mercedes. We will give you all more information on these important developments as they occur:

Rie celebrates the birth of her new grandson with Cathy and Mercedes Munoz.

Matthew Felipe Munoz born to Juan and Cathy Munoz:
8/13/06 6lbs. 12 oz.
Juneau, Alaska


This August's release features three new prints by Rie Munoz. These super lithographs will be available August 10, 2006.


August, 2006

  • 3 Limited Edition Prints

November, 2006

  • 3 Limited Edition Prints

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