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August 2001

Happy Birthday to You

Rie Celebrates

Rie Mu�oz celebrated her 80th birthday, August 17, 2001. She was joined by a dozen friends who planned a birthday potluck in Tenakee Springs, Alaska. The group arrived a week before to be sure they were in the right slow frame of mind to enjoy this sleepy village. After a few days of letting the crab pots soak, there was ample crustaceans for all. Mu�oz currently enjoys life in Juneau, painting about 40 original watercolors a year, traveling, sketching, and playing with her granddaughter Mercedes, now nine years old.
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Rie's 80th Birthday party in Tenakee, Alaska
August 17, 2001

Crab Boil
Crab is cooked with potatoes, corn, shrimp, garlic and Cajun spices. The entire pot is then dumped on the table for the guests to jostle over.

Kid's Conference


The affair was a potluck and the Tenakee residents brought a wide assortment of dishes, including venison, salmon, halibut, local Tenakee berries made into a variety of desserts, salads, breads and pastas.



The three August releases sold well, with "Hitchhikers Orcas Island" selling out from our wholesale department the first week of release. We still have some "Hitchhikers" available through our gallery. "Commercial Fisherman's Family" and "Overheaded" are still available. Rie Mu�oz's next release will be November 1 with three excellent winter scenes.
Hitchhikers Orcas Island


"Goodbye My Island" by Jean Rogers and illustrated in B&W by Rie Mu�oz, has been re-printed in softback book form. The book is now available for $9.95 retail (add $3.50 for shipping) through the Rie Mu�oz Gallery. Call 1-800-247-3151 and order this and other great Mu�oz books. This story is about a 12-year-old girl, "Esther Atoolik" who lives on King Island. For centuries her people have lived there, supporting themselves by the subsistence lifestyle. But the village is growing smaller, the school is closing and there is no priest for the church. "Good-bye My Island" is the tender story of Esther's last season on her beloved island and the wonderful memories she carries with her.


The tentative release schedule for 2001 and the beginning of 2002 is as follows:

November 1, 2001
3 prints

January 4, 2002
1 silkscreen

February, 2002
3 prints

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