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September 2007

Reindeer Roundup


We are announcing the latest serigraph by Rie Muñoz. Entitled “Reindeer Roundup,” this silkscreen will be released Wednesday, September 26. This very large silkscreen is perfect as a focal point on a Muñoz wall. Contact your Muñoz gallery about this unusual piece.

Shortly after Rie releases this “Reindeer Roundup” silkscreen she will have the book, “The King Island Journal” available. Release day is November 1.


Rie CrabSince our last update about Rie Muñoz slowing her release schedule, we’ve had some questions that I thought should be answered in this newsletter.
Q; “Is Rie ill?”
Q: “Is she old?”
Soon but not yet.
Q: “Is Rie quitting?”
Not hardly. Since winning the Rasmuson Award for Most Distinguished Artist, along with the $25,000 prize that must be spent on art related items and activities within a year, she’s been going great guns. Muñoz has been purchasing airline tickets around Alaska and has done lots of traveling so far this year, including Nome, UnAlaska, Kodiak, and Tenakee. Lots of great work has resulted, some of which you will see as lithographs in 2008. She’ll be attending the Iditarod 2008 but not participating.
Q: What does nothing scheduled mean?
Actually, now there is; September 26 the Reindeer Roundup silkscreen, and on November 1, “King Island Journal” book. In May of 2008 Rie will have two or three new Muñoz lithographs available. We will probably see a total of 6 lithographs in 2008 instead of the usual 12. Rie likes this flexible schedule.
Q: “We heard she moved, is that true?”
Last year Rie decided to forward all her mail to her gallery at 2101 Jordan Ave. so that’s how this rumor started. Rie still stays on Starr Hill up 186 stairs but is considering a nice condo closer to sea level. Muñoz still makes her annual pilgrimage to Morro Bay, CA in January and February to shake off the ice and snow.
Q: “What do you think is going on?”
The only thing in life that stays the same is that things change. In the spirit of enjoying painting and her life even more than before, Rie has decided to slow her release schedule. She’s having a blast these days, let me assure you. This is not a sweet little old lady in tennis shoes fading into the sunset. There’s more to come.
Q: Are they going to re-print these old lithographs in any form, like Kindkaid does?
Rie Muñoz has always been very adamant that her art be limited to favorite mediums including lithographs, silkscreens, posters, art cards, books, pins, stained glass and tapestries. She has done some beautiful pottery as a wedding gift to her son and daughter in law as well. Once a signed and numbered lithograph has sold out, there are only a few places you will see that image again. One is in a book about her art. The other is art card form although out of 500 plus editions Muñoz has done only 10% as art cards after the print sold out. The only other form is poster art which promotes exhibitions.


Good friend Yvonne Mozze was house sitting for Rie a few weeks ago and was enjoying her breakfast when she had an uninvited visitor. It seems we tell a different version of this story every year. Well the little fellow ended up taking a box of ‘Wheaties’ cereal and eating on the back porch. No harm done. Perhaps General Foods could do a ‘breakfast of champions’ commercial from this.


Time goes by fast doesn’t it? It has for us. Our little charge just had his 1st birthday last month, August 13. He received some fun presents and loved making a mess with the big birthday cake. He’s taking his first steps and starting to talk. He loves any machine that makes noise, his favorite being heavy machinery.

Matthew and I actually got to work a backhoe on our Tenakee property a while back. He’s all boy.


Rie Muñoz will have a watercolor exhibition at the Anchorage Museum at the Rasmuson Center November 21 through December 30, 2007. Rie will have a show poster of the image “Bear in Town” which will be available at the end of October.

There will be an artist reception on December 1st from 1 - 3 pm if you are in Anchorage. If not check the web shortly before the show’s opening. We should have many of the paintings displayed under the original section. There will be some paintings that you’ve seen before in print form and many that have not ever been seen in public. Some will be for sale and some not.


September 26 , 2007

  • Silk Screen

November 1 , 2007

  • King Island Journal

Thank you for your interest in the artwork of Rie Muñoz!


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