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September 2014

93rd Birthday Party
Happy Birthday Rie!

Make A Wish Surprise-Huh?

Rie Munoz celebrated her 93rd birthday,
and we would like to share a letter from a few attendees:

Your 93rd Birthday Party

Dear Rie,

What an honor it was for us to have been among those selected as guests to attend your 93rd birthday party. And what a party it was! You most certainly could not have selected a more warm and welcoming venue than that of the home of Juan and Cathy. Their hospitality was most gracious, and it seemed as though so many things about their home held special significance related to cherished family traditions.

Certainly the recipe for that wonderful meal you'd requested, Septimo Hash with fried plantain or bananas, must have been handed down from a previous generation. And we were privileged to eat from beautiful dishes which had been individually painted by a well known artist whose name has momentarily escaped us.

And imagine having not one but TWO desserts to share with us; the first of which, a Kransekage, a Danish wreath cake symbolizing eternal love, made by your dear friend, Ruth, and the second, a chocolate cake whose flames would still be burning had the relighting joke candles not been expertly extinguished by snatching them out. You were almost out of breath trying to blow them out.

With our love and hopes for many more birthdays.

Best wishes;

Sandy and Ted

Thank you for your interest in the artwork of Rie Muñoz!


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