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Rie Munoz celebrated her 76 birthday August 17 in Tenakee Springs. With what has become a tradition, Rie and a group of twenty or thirty of her friends headed out to Tenakee. The weather was great, the crab plentiful and the blueberries and huckleberries plump and sweet.


Rie stayed in her own cabin with Margaret Symons, a good friend from Seattle. Other guests stayed in cabins nearby and would get together for lunch and dinner. For breakfast they were on their own. This wasn't a problem since Tenakee now has a bakery that serves delicious and fattening treats. There are chairs and tables outside the bakery so that one can read the paper (delivered from Juneau a day late). It's an ideal location to watch the busy town of Tenakee, population 100, go by. This scene was too good to pass up and Rie did a painting showing a couple of locals enjoying their morning coffee and newspaper.



Rie Munoz will be appearing at "Eastside Gala~Rie" in Olympia, Washington on Monday, September 22. The art show is from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and Rie will be present to sign her books, prints and posters. You can enjoy the large display of framed Munoz prints and ask Rie any questions you may have about her art. "Eastside Gala~Rie" recently became the only gallery that focuses exclusively on the art of Rie Munoz. Bill and Mary Lindsay, owners of "Eastside Gala~Rie" say that business has been even better than expected. The are very excited about their decision to focus exclusively on Rie's art. Tell your friends about this upcoming event in Olympia, Washington.




The "Book Adventure Group" from Yellow Springs, Ohio visited the Rie Munoz Gallery last week in Juneau, Alaska. The tour, "Alaskan Adventure: A Storytour of Children's and Young Adult Literature in Alaska," is a 15-day excursion offered as a study tour. Most of the 30 people attending are retired teachers and librarians from all over the United States.

Children's book author, Jean Rogers, and artist illustrator, Rie Munoz, were on hand to give an hour talk and answer questions. The discussion focused on writing children's books and how to get your work accepted by a publisher.

"King Island Christmas" was one of the featured topics. Jean Rogers told the making of this book and showed pictures of the real "Father Carroll." Rie showed pictures of her stay on King Island including the 1954 National Geographic magazine article, "Cliff Dwellers of the Bering Sea." In case you've never seen this article it was written by Rie's former husband, Juan Munoz, Sr. And showed the Eskimo way of life.

After an hour and a half, the group bought books, had them signed by the artist and author and scurried off to their next adventure, which was a visit to the Mendenhall Glacier.

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