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There will be three new prints by Rie Munoz. Entitled "Northern Lights," "Bailing Out the Skiff" and "Fish for Dinner," these images will be available on November 1. Munoz's next release will be a silkscreen to be released January 4, 2004.

Northern Lights


Rie Munoz, featured artist at the 2003 Puyallup Fair had a fun and successful exhibition. Attendance at the Fair topped 1.2 million people over 17 days with 120,000 people visiting the art pavilion where the Munoz exhibition was held. Sales of Rie's paintings and the "Northern Lights Legend" tapestry broke all records for an artist at the Puyallup Fair. Half of the original watercolors sold in the first hour. At the end of the show only nine of the 39 available watercolor paintings remained. You can refer to our web site to see which paintings sold and for how much.

There were extensive memorabilia displays showing Rie's paintings in progress, field and composite sketches. Paints, brushes and the Munoz pottery collection Rie painted for her son's wedding to Cathy Engstrom were shown. King Island photos, carvings and the 1951 National Geographic article of Rie Munoz's experiences on the remote Bering Sea island were displayed along with other treasures.

The entire Munoz family attended, along with Mercedes' friend Shawna from Juneau. The kids enjoyed all the fair festivities which included winning oodles of stuffed animals. Rie Munoz and family visited with many good friends, collectors, and gallery owners who attended the four-day Rie Munoz artist appearance. She signed, chatted and met with over 1,200 people during the Fair. Rie is in Tenakee Springs and is settling in for a winter with more masterpieces to come.


"Alaska by Rie Munoz" is a 30-minute DVD now available for $12. This hour presentation of 110 of Munoz's watercolor paintings, most unpublished, depicts the people, lifestyles, and legends of the Great Land. Not only do the images intrigue, but the stories, narrated by Munoz, give the viewer a fascinating look at life in rural Alaska. See Alaska though the eyes of its favorite artist, Rie Munoz.
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A reminder that Rie Munoz has packages of ten art cards with winter scenes and a Christmas message printed on the inside. They come pre-packaged and sell for $20 for ten folded cards. Have some on hand for the upcoming Christmas season.

While on the subject, we have matted and framed art cards that make great Christmas presents! They cost only $15 and $45 respectively with 52 super images to choose from. You can browse them from our catalog.

Have a wonderful holiday season and call us if we can help.


November 1


Thank you for your interest in the artwork of Rie Muñoz!


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