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October 2004

Tenakee Crab


Rie Munoz just came back from three fun-filled days in beautiful Cordova, Alaska where she was the one and only juror for the Cordova Historical Society's annual 'Fish Follies'. The exhibition solicited artwork from around the U.S. and Alaska with the only requirement being that the subject matter in some way related to fish. Munoz picked a dozen winners for different categories. Rie also signed books, showed a slide presentation of her work and attended a luncheon in her honor.

Another famous Alaskan artist visited Cordova many years ago. Eustace Zeigler was the caretaker of the First Episcopal Church. During his Alaskan tenure he painted many Alaskan scenes, in oil, that are collected by museums. Rie Munoz once bought a Zeigler original and while traveling through Seattle thought she would pay him a visit. To her surprise she found his number in the phone book. His wife answered and said, "Of course sweetie, he'd love for you to stop by." Mrs. Zeigler gave Rie the address to her husband's studio. When she arrived and introduced herself, Eustace exclaimed, "Oh, an Alaskan nugget, do come in. I'm just having a bowl of soup, won't you join me?" Rie entered the large, mostly abandoned warehouse where she had expected to see a room full of masterpieces. All of Zeigler's work was already at galleries and museums. One easel with a painting in progress, and a small table was all that was in the room. They shared a can of Campbell's noodle soup together and had a nice visit.

Rie Munoz At Anchorage Gallery Walk

Rie Munoz made an artist appearance at Stephan Fine Arts in Anchorage, Alaska on the First Friday Art Walk, September 3. Hundreds of people came to have Munoz sign posters, prints, and books and to chat with Rie. It had been 17 years since Rie had done a show and there was a lot of enthusiasm. Rie Munoz signed art for over 3 1/2 hours. Thank you Stephan Fine Art!


Rie's next release will be Wednesday, November 3 with three outstanding lithographs. Entitled "Dancer and Drummer", "Hot Springs Dressing Room", and "Double Duty", the low edition size means you may only have one chance at ordering these limited editions.


November 3

  • 3 Limited Edition Prints

Thank you for your interest in the artwork of Rie Muñoz!


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