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 (Rie greets her fans at the front of the line before the opening at Eastide Gala~Rie)

 The grand opening of the Eastside Gala~Rie, in Olympia Washington was a big hit.  Several hundred people came to the four hour reception to say hi to Rie and talk about her art.  Owners, Bill and Mary Lindsay had over 200 framed pieces for sale as well as many flat pieces.    "Eastside Gala~Rie" recently became the only gallery that focuses exclusively on the art of Rie Munoz.  They are very excited about their decision to focus exclusively on Rie's art.


Thank you to Eastside Gala~Rie for your efforts.   Rie Munoz was accompanied at this show by her son Juan, his wife Cathy and their daughter Mercedes.



  A new tapestry has been commissioned and completed recently by one of Rie's friends.  The image, "Coming Home" (plate 180 in Portrait of Alaska) was translated into a stunning tapestry about one square meter. The tapestry is on display at Eastside Gala~Rie grand opening.  


  Rie Munoz recently lectured the Juneau Community Charter School in Juneau, Alaska.    She wasn't lecturing about her own art but that of Fellow Alaska artist, Dale DeArmond.  DeArmond is well known for her wood blocks and wood engravings.  An exhibition of Dale DeArmond's most famous wood blocks were featured by the Alaska State Museum  and was the demonstration area.

Rie took one of Dale's old blocks and showed the youngsters the ancient process of printing from wood blocks. The children were very interested and enjoyed the day.


The Frye Art Museum at 704 Terry Ave., Seattle, Washington, will be displaying their permanent collection of Alaskan artwork.  The exhibit, which includes Sydney Lawrence, as well as Rie Munoz, will open November 28, 1997 and run through January 11, 1998.  The exhibit will be shown in the "Greathouse 1" exhibit room. In addition to Munoz original water colors, one of her tapestries, "Mermaid Legend" will also be exhibited.


  Rie Munoz and her friend, neighbor, and fellow artist, Jay Crondahl, recently made repairs to a large 12' x 8' mural they painted back in the early 70's  Commissioned by Harborview Elementary School, this painting was a 'memorial mural' for Bobby Smith, a young boy who drowned.  Another artist, Diana Tillion, wrote a memorial poem which appears on the bottom of the mural.  The poem also mentions two other young people who died, including Rie's three-year-old son, Felipe (her son Juan's twin brother). The mural is located in the elementary school's music room.  Musical notes appear in one of the scenes of the mural with the song "Who Threw the Halibut on the Poop Deck", one of Rie's favorite. 



    On this rare sunny day in late September we closed Rie Munoz Gallery for four hours and all of us took the Mt. Roberts tramway up the mountain.  The recently constructed tram is the crown jewel of the Juneau tourist attractions.  This, the steepest tram in the world, shoots up 1700 feet in four minutes to reveal a magnificent view from the timberline of Mt. Roberts.

Once on top, one can continue walking up for several miles to the summit, or take a 10 minute walk to some scenic outcrops.  Watching the seaplanes and eagles fly below you is quite a sight.  They have a complex on top with a restaurant, movie theater featuring cultural films, and several gift shops.  Rie loves to go up the tram, and had purchased a season pass at the beginning of the summer.  She joined the staff of Rie Munoz, Ltd. this fine day and we all had a marvelous time. 

While up the mountain, we came across a Taiwanese delegation from Juneau's 'sister city', "Chia-Yi".  The mayor, "Wen-Ying Chang" and her entourage, exchanged pleasantries with Rie.


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