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November 2000


The Pacific Rim Art Expo, with Rie Muñoz as the "Artist of the Year," was a great success. About 8,000 people came through the doors during the three day show, September 29,30 and October 1. It is the third largest show of its kind in the U.S.

According to show director Bob Farrelly, Muñoz was honored as "Artist of the Year" because "Rie Muñoz is one of the best known artists in the country." Previous artists of the year have included Bev Doolittle and Robert Bateman. Muñoz met with fans and collectors throughout the three day show, signing prints, books and posters, and chatting about her paintings.
On Saturday, 300 fans were treated to a rare slide show by Rie Muñoz. My mother has painted several thousand paintings in her career and she likes to take slides of all of them. We brought about 100 slides of her paintings, most of which have never been published. The paintings were from all parts of Alaska and included some very unusual ones such as, "Tenakee Jug Band."

Not only were the attendees treated to this unique visual experience but they also got a feel for Rie�s sense of humor. "Are you Bathed in the Blood of the Lamb?" was a painting and story of how Rie was shamed into going to church once because as one local told Rie, "Everybody has a little sin in them, Rie." The State Office Building or "S.O.B." as it is referred to in Alaska was the setting for an afternoon concert that Muñoz captured in one of her old paintings.
The slide show ended in time for the auction. One of the viewers who had never heard of Rie Muñoz, was so moved by the slide show that she placed the winning bid for a beautiful Muñoz original watercolor.

Whales in the Tenakee Inlet

Whales in the Inlet
During a recent trip to Tenakee, we were joined by Sandra Miller and her husband Steve along with six Rie Muñoz fans from Bend Oregon. They stayed at the local cabins owned by Snyder Mercantile. Three days were spent exploring the local rivers which were full of salmon and bear; eating crab; fishing and whale watching.

A pod of nine whales �lunge fed� right in front of town. Lunge feeding is when the whales all go underwater together and come up under a large school of krill or herring. The whales then release bubbles to confuse the bait and all of them �lunge� up above the surface with mouths agape, filling their oral cavities with as much food as possible before repeating the process. We were treated to this show throughout the week. Our visitors had never seen anything like it before, especially not in Bend.


November Releases

The pages are posted showing Rie�s latest releases. Entitled "Squirrel," "Local Bus," and "Dog Walk on the Beach," these three lithographs will be released Wednesday, November 1 at 9:00 am Alaska time.

Christmas Cards Available

In response to years of requests for Rie Muñoz Christmas cards we have finally produced a nice Christmas art card package. Rie Muñoz Ltd. now offers a Christmas Card Package consisting of ten assorted Rie Muñoz cards and envelopes with a winter theme. The packages contain images such as "Church is Out NonDalton," "Winter Cabin," and "Evergreen Bowl" all with �Seasons Greetings� imprinted on them. The price is $20 retail and the cards come in a plastic box with a gold ribbon holding the package. This will be a great line to have for Christmas, so order now.

Tracy VanHorn Moves On

After 15 years with Rie Muñoz Ltd., Tracy Van Horn has moved on to pursue other career options. Rie, the staff of Rie Muñoz Ltd. and I want to wish Tracy the best and thank him for the many years of helping Rie Muñoz Ltd. in this exciting art market. Tracy has a fiancée that moved up from Denver last year and plans to marry next spring. Good luck and thank you Tracy!

Welcome Demi

Rie Muñoz Ltd. would like to welcome aboard Demi Skinas, our new bookkeeper. Demi is excited to be working with all of us and will help you with any questions or requests you may have regarding your account. Tom Morgan and I are also available to help in any way.

Tom Morgan and Demi Skinas

Thank you for your interest in Rie Muñoz!

Juan Muñoz

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