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Munoz Family
"St. Nicholas Church, Juneau."

Collectors ask for appraisals of Munoz art and we are happy to oblige. This week an unusual piece came in to the gallery. It was a Rie Munoz original oil painting entitled, "St. Nicholas Church, Juneau." It was painted on an 8" x 10" canvas board. There is no year on the piece but it would have been painted between 1950, when she moved to Juneau, and 1953 when she went from oil paints to watercolors.

November 4, 2013Munoz began painting using canvas and oil. She would, however, feel a bit intimidated by the medium feeling as if every piece had to be a perfect like the famous masters. Notice the great detail of the trees as later she would simply paint a cone to portray a tree, instead of worrying about every needle on a spruce. Fellow artist and friend, Jennie Werner, introduced her to watercolors and she immediately felt more relaxed.  The artist's style evolved in to the style that made her famous. Although "St. Nicholas Church, Juneau" is not recognizably a Munoz painting, it is, and it is historically significant.


Clothespin Artshow While discussing Rie's earlier style, I thought I'd share this fun sketch of Rie and I checking out her 'Clothespin Art Show' in Soldotna. The Clothespin Art Show started in the spring of 1963. Rie wrote the Chamber of Commerce of Alaskan villages and towns, letting them know that she would be passing through with artwork later in the summer. She requested a public place to show her watercolors and other artist's work. When we arrived in town Rie would find the location to stretch her laundry cord and would then hang the unframed originals. These early paintings usually sold for between $25 and $40.


Muncie Rug Here's yet another style buy Munoz; geometric modern. Rie painted this of her dog 'Muncie' on a large piece of canvas, 50" x 79", in 1991 and used it for a rug in her cabin on Orcas Island. Later she had it in her condo in Juneau and now it hangs in her gallery.


Rie will be in Juneau for the holidays and has moved out to a cabin 50 yards from our house. This will be much more fun for all of us. Come January Rie Munoz plans to go to California again and spend the winter months in Morro Bay. She will be living with her younger brother, Piet, who is only 90. Last year when Rie was there, the two of them would walk to the store together. They use an old baby carriage to haul their groceries back; if you don't think that got some looks. Rie's nephew Pete, will be on hand to help and keep an eye on both of them.

We wish you all a great holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year!
Munoz Family

Thank you for your interest in the artwork of Rie Muñoz!


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