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The 1999 Washington Art Tour and the original exhibition at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle were big successes.
Rie Munoz visited 7 galleries in Washington before her original watercolor exhibition at the Frye Museum. With feature newspaper articles in the towns that she visited, crowds were large and very enthusiastic!

Grand Opening of Bergsma Showroom, a new 2500 sq. ft. gallery in Port Angeles. Owner Eileen Knight and the Mayor (center) cutting the ribbon with the
"Ambassadors of Good Will" to the left and right.

The preview reception by invitation only on November 5 was a silent auction at the Frye Museum in Seattle. Over 650 people attended, some flying in from Virginia, Massachusetts, British Columbia, Georgia, Alaska, Idaho, California, Oregon and Illinois for a chance to purchase one of Munoz�s originals. By the end of the public's opening day of the watercolor exhibition at the Frye Museum, November 6, 78 paintings had sold! At the last exhibition in 1992, 70 paintings were sold on the publics opening day.

A "full house" at Darvill's Rare Print shop on Orcas Island.
All Rie's Island friends were there.

The bidding during the silent auction was courteous for most the evening, but got a little tense as people jockeyed for position at the end. Most everyone agreed it went better with the silent auction format than having a race through the doors as with the 1992 exhibition. Still, in the effort to improve, we encourage anybody who was there to write us and let us know your opinion of the show and any suggestions for the future.


When Rie Munoz came down for the art tour she was presented with a quilt by friends, Harry and Claradell Shedd. This remarkable quilt took Claradell over 3 months, working 12 hours a day to complete. It's about 8�x8� and covered with over 100 personal family photos that had been scanned and transferred on to fabric and then sewn to the quilt. This technology is new. Scanning the images took up all of her hard drive on the computer as well as 8 zip drives.

There are pictures of Rie in the army WACs, as a child, with her parents, photos of her immediate family, close friends, dogs, and sketches. Just about everything important to Rie's life is on the quilt.


We had the opportunity to display this quilt at a few galleries while Rie was on tour. It almost stole the show and even out shined Rie's Aubusson tapestry, "Loading Crab Pots." Everybody enjoyed marveling over the quilt.

One thing not on the quilt are Rie Munoz images (except some sketches.) This omission was intentional as to focus on the personal aspect of Rie's life not the paintings she is famous for. Thank you very much Claradell and Harry Shedd for this beautiful gift to Rie! We shall treasure it always.


Just a quick note to assure everybody that Rie Munoz Ltd. and artist Rie Munoz are ready for the new millennium. Rie Munoz Ltd. changed its� accounting system to QuickBooks last summer. We have been tested and confirmed Y2K ready. Rie Munoz artist is also Y2K ready. She's stocked up on an extra tube of paint or two and intends to be over in Tenakee (population 80 this time of year) for the change over. Tenakee Springs, Alaska, has always been at the forefront of Y2K compliance since it doesn't have a single computer in town. May be a few PC�s, but the main thing that drives the town are the two diesel generators that gives electrical power, the weather and the 20 foot tides.


The following is a tentative release schedule for Rie Munoz art in the year 2000.

January 18
Release of 2 limited edition reproductions: "Winter Fishing, Nome" (called �Ice Fishing, Large Study" in the new book) "Hacky Sack", editions of 750 each. Refer to the book, "Rie Munoz at the Frye Art Museum" for more information.

March 2
Release of 10 new art card images bringing the total art cards offered up to 42. Some of the new images include "Whales in the Inlet" and "Fisherman's Wife."

May 2
Release of three limited edition reproductions.

August 1
Release of three limited edition reproductions.

November 2
Christmas release of three limited edition reproductions.

On behalf of Rie Munoz, her family and the staff at Rie Munoz Ltd.
we wish all of you a great holiday season and a Happy New Year!


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