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January 2002

Tenakee in the wintertime

Rie Munoz, Artist in Alaska

The book, "Rie Munoz, Artist in Alaska, has been re-printed and is now available through Rie Munoz, Ltd. This softcover book retails for $16.95 and has different chapters covering Munoz's work in originals, prints, silkscreens, tapestries and stained glass. If you missed out on the book in the 80's, it's ready to order now.

Previous Munoz Silkscreens

We have compiled a list of Previous Munoz Silkscreens, issue dates and issue prices for your information.

Quilt Party

A commemorative quilt crafted by Claradell Shedd was presented to Rie for her 80th birthday and now hangs permanently at the Rie Mu�oz Gallery in Juneau, Alaska. See the quilt on our web site under news, November 99. Rie invited every person who appears in this quilt to a showing at her gallery last week. Over 100 people attended this fun event and marveled at the incredible job Claradell did. The quilt features many old family photos which were provided by Juan. The photos were scanned by computer and then transferred to fabric and sewn onto the colorful quilt. Claradell Shedd chose not to use the artwork of Rie Mu�oz and instead focused on her life. The quilt included photos of Rie's parents, brothers, her twin sons, family friends, dogs, and events. The commemorative quilt was also the feature showpiece for our Juneau Gallery Walk. Over 1,000 people flowed through Rie's gallery over the holiday season and admired this work.

New Year in Tenakee

Rie Munoz and family will be heading over to Tenakee Springs to spend a month or more starting the New Year. January and February are particularly slow and easy times in Tenakee. You have the local mineral springs bath all to yourself. The lack of regular bush planes and boats arriving, along with a blanket of snow makes the town seem quiet and almost deserted. With only 80 Tenakee winter residents surrounded by the huge Tongass National Forest, it is almost deserted.

There is still deer hunting for the locals, King Crab ball up in shallow water in their ritual mating dance, and most of the Brown Bears have gone to sleep. This is the time of year when Rie paints scenes such as "16 Degrees and Blowing" and "First Snow, Tenakee". With only eight hours of daylight (not to be confused with sunshine) and 16 hours of darkness there is lots of cabin time as well. The residents work at keeping their water lines running or melting snow when they do freeze up. The only thing that travels fast is gossip.


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