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Rie Munoz has been on Orcas Island for the last couple of months painting away.  She is currently working on a painting that she may adapt into a silk-screen.  We hope to see new serigraph published sometime late spring, '98.          "Muncie", Rie's faithful canine companion on Orcas Island and elsewhere, has been a 'bad dog.'  He and the neighbor dog have been chasing the local deer about the Island.  Three times now they have chased deer into the water.  The deer and dogs, both great swimmers, would head out about a quarter mile into the channel.  The dogs would catch up, then drop back because they don't know what to do with the deer once they've caught up with them.  Eventually, Rie and her neighbor would skiff out and break up the chase. 
    Munoz and Muncie plan to return to Juneau by the second week in December and stay the winter. 


  KING ISLAND CHRISTMAS THEATER PRODUCTION - Juneau's own Perseverance Theater, which puts on play productions throughout the year, is currently showing "King Island Christmas."  The play was adapted from the book by Jean Rogers and illustrated by Rie Munoz.  One of Rie's original illustrations from the book was used for the poster promoting the performance.  The play is the biggest hit of the year!  Rie, her family and a few friends will go see the performance before Christmas.


FRYE ART MUSEUM EXHIBITS ALASKAN ARTISTS - The Frye Art Museum in Seattle, Washington is currently exhibiting paintings, watercolors, and graphics from Alaska.  The show is entitled "The Lure of Alaska," and runs from November 28 through January 11, 1998.  The ad in the November 28 Seattle PI reads  ..."Over 15 Alaskan artists represented from the early 1900's to today! ...Rie Munoz, Sydney Laurence, Fred Machetanz and more."  Rie is in good company with these other great Alaskan artists. 
     The exhibit will be shown in the "Greathouse 1" exhibit room. In addition to Munoz original water colors, one of her tapestries, "Mermaid Legend" will also be exhibited.  The museum is located at 704 Terry Avenue, Seattle, Washington.  Learn more about this exhibit at fryeart.org


ANCHORAGE NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - The Rie Munoz image, "Baby Girls Legend" was featured in full color on the front page and again on a subsequent page of the Anchorage Daily News, Monday, November 24th.  It accompanied an article promoting the web site of  "The Alaskan Women's network," an organization whose purpose is to reach out to as many women as possible to help with their needs in raising children.  You can visit their web site at www.juneau.com/akwomen/ 

  ALASKA SOUTHEASTER MAGAZINE - Alaska Southeaster Magazine recently featured the Munoz image "Off to the Bath, Tenakee" on its cover.  This issue, (vol. 6, No. 6) featured an article by staff writer Katherine Limon profiling art galleries in southeast Alaska towns.  Interviews with gallery owners show that they are determined to support the artists whose work portrays their community and culture.      If you would like a copy of this magazine you may contact Alaska Southeaster Magazine by phone at 907-364-3700, or email: mcphee@ptialaska.net  

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